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    Meet a Giant Stick Insect (and other creepy-crawlies)

    Meet a Giant Stick Insect (and other creepy-crawlies) this half-term

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    Newsletter 12 February 20

    Join us for an out-of-this-world experience

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  3. Garden blogs

    Welly Tuesday!

    Due to popular demand and because of the success of Welly Wednesday, our morning pre-school group, we are now offering an extra afternoon session on Tuesdays.

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  4. Garden blogs

    Newsletter – 5 February 2019

    Fun Filled February!

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  5. Garden blogs

    Newsletter 8 January 2019

    A a series of talks starring inspirational women in horticulture

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  6. Garden blogs

    Newsletter 3 January 2019

    Burn unwanted calories against the stunning backdrop of 568 acres, for FREE.

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