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    Growing with mycorrhizal fungi

    Making good soil is key to building resilience for the future. Here, I talk about the ways in which we can invite mycorrhizal fungi into our gardens and rebuild the soil, including methods that are being used here at the Botanic Garden

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    Mycorrhizal fungi in a wildflower meadow

    Raphaella Hull, a visiting PhD student from the University of Cambridge, explains how important fungi in soils can be in establishing species-rich meadows

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    Our Blooming Meadows are Booming

    In 2020 we started to collect and sell wildflower seed from our Waun Las National Nature Reserve hay meadows. This year we significantly increased the amount of wildflower seed that we harvested thanks to the joint effort of a great team of Botanic Garden staff

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    Apprentice Blog: Harvesting Wildflower Seed with Rowan Moses

    Harvesting wildflower seeds from natural meadows was a kind of project that I’d never been involved in before, and it was very exciting to see the whole process from start to finish

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    A year in the life of the Balwen sheep at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

    Balwen sheep are full of character. They are quick witted, independent and incredibly cautious of anything new. They are happy in familiar surroundings and have a terrific memory.

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