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    A Bee Inspector calls . . .

    As part of the National Bee Unit (NBU) inspection programme, our regional Bee Inspector Maggie Gill is here with me today for an exotic pest inspection

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    Get Started With Wildlife Recording In Your Garden

    PhD student Abigail Lowe explains how you can get started with recording wildlife in your garden with some downloadable basic tick lists for common species.

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    It’s time to go peat-free

    The compost industry has been working hard to develop good sustainable alternatives to peat – the quality and consistency of these products has improved greatly and there is an ever-increasing range.

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    Bees are getting busy – and so is Lynda

    Now is the busiest time of year for the Botanic Garden’s beekeeper Lynda Christie. Over the Easter weekend, she made the most of the lovely, warm sunshine to carry out a full inspection of the hives

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    Big honour for Lynda, spring clean for the hives

    The Botanic Garden’s beekeeper, Lynda Christie has recently been elected chair of the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association. This is a great honour for her and testament to the work she is doing in the Garden, in Carmarthenshire and all over Wales.

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    Make Your Lawn More Friendly for Wildlife

    Growing the Future’s Science Officer Dr Kevin McGinn explains how you can use your lawn to help nature

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