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    Orchid ‘first’ for Garden

    Early-purple orchids have been found in the Garden for the first time.

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    Artist in Residence Bulletin 8

    As one of my last visual interventions at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, it was decided that we would plant a tree to celebrate the arrival of the baby son of Piers Lunt, one of the gardeners working at the Garden.

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    Don’t miss the Great Glasshouse at its brilliant best

    April-May is the best time to see the mediterranean climate zone plants in Lord Foster’s Great Glasshouse at their blooming best

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    Artist in Residence Bulletin 7

    I have learned so much during my residency here at the National Botanic Garden of Wales and one of the overwhelming feeling I am left with is how intelligent plants are.

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    Horticulture Apprenticeship a great way to learn

    Linking learning theories to the Horticulture Apprenticeship may sound dry but it made me realise what a fantastic learning experience it is. On the Apprenticeship the learning is holistic.

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    Introducing… a surprising library

    Most visitors to the National Botanic Garden of Wales probably don’t even know we have a library. We may be one of the Garden’s best kept secrets… but we don’t want to stay hidden!  We welcome visitors whether researchers, students, the Garden’s members, or indeed anyone interested. Because the library is run entirely by volunteers, […]

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