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    Live fast, die young – Atlas moths are very rock and roll

    “Bruce, you’ve got to come down here”. This is Carl Holmes, our ace horticulturalist who has overseen the transformation of our Tropical House into the crowd puller that is Plas Pilipala. He’s on the Garden’s walkie talkie and he sounds excited. “Are you going to tell me about the Atlas moths Carl?” I’d already seen […]

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    Membership as a Gift

    The gift of Garden membership makes the perfect present . . .

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    Autumn Colours

    This week there was colour everywhere, it was lovely.

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    The legend of the Lady of the Lake demystified

    As a result of my recent work on the Physicians of Myddfai, I have become curious about the significance of legends involving fairies and the role they occupy in the ancient culture of Wales.

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    Sitting down at the table with Mother nature

    This is a great time of year to look for, and eat, giant puffballs

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    Love Gardens? Love West Wales

    If your ideal weekend is spent mooching around parks and gardens looking for inspiration, then West Wales is a great location for you to visit

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