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    World’s Biggest Flower Market

    The BBC’s The World’s Biggest Flower Market aired last night on BBC 2. It gave a fascinating insight into the cut flower industry. Timely as I happen to be delivering a grow your own cut flower course Saturday 4th June.

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    Dare to let your grass grow

    The grassland between the Great Glasshouse and Upper Broadwalk has become a wonderful place to see wildflowers.

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    Grow your own cut flowers

    Grow your own cut flowers and be blessed with stunning floral displays both outside and inside your home. Many garden plants can be enjoyed as cut flowers.

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    Orchid ‘first’ for Garden

    Early-purple orchids have been found in the Garden for the first time.

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    Artist in Residence Bulletin 8

    As one of my last visual interventions at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, it was decided that we would plant a tree to celebrate the arrival of the baby son of Piers Lunt, one of the gardeners working at the Garden.

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    Don’t miss the Great Glasshouse at its brilliant best

    April-May is the best time to see the mediterranean climate zone plants in Lord Foster’s Great Glasshouse at their blooming best

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