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    Our Garden Horticulturists – Martin Knowles

    Meet our longest-serving horticulturist

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    Growing the Future Newsletter – July 31

    The latest news and information from the Growing the Future project’s weekly newsletter

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    Germination investigation – Putting wildflower seeds to the test

    You may have noticed the plots of wildflowers in the gardens shooting up and enticing pollinators and visitors alike. These flower mixes have been designed by PhD student Lucy Witter to include the plants that are most attractive to pollinators. The flowers allow insects to load up on nectar and pollen and keep busy. Before […]

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    Green hay experiment a spectacular success

    Making new orchid-rich meadows with green hay has been a spectacular success on our Waun Las NNR

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    Last Plants Standing- A Display of Endangered Arable Wildflowers

    Bright red poppies, delicate corncockle and sunny corn marigolds were once very familiar to the arable farmers of Wales and grew side-by-side with them for centuries. The diversity of wildflowers that used to pepper our fields may have once been a thorn in the farmer’s side, but our arable ‘weeds’ are now facing a high […]

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    Orchids popping up in new places

    Orchids are making a timely appearance in time for Wildflower Weekend on June 22nd-23rd

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