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    Horticulture Day Courses at the Garden

    Over the past year we have added a selection of horticulture based courses to our programme of craft based courses like felting, stained glass and willow. Our general garden design courses are run by Horticultural Trainer, Neil Barry. Originally from County Cork in Ireland, Neil has a history of teaching horticulture gaining experience Kew, the […]

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    Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools: our first celebration event

    Carmarthenshire’s first Outdoor Schools

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    New Exhibition – Up-Cycled: Bright New Things

    Bright New Things

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    Grow your own cut flowers

    Grow your own cut flowers and be blessed with stunning floral displays both outside and inside your home. Many garden plants can be enjoyed as cut flowers.

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    Mushrooms, medicine and myth

    Puhpohwee for the People: a narrative account of some uses of Fungi among the Ahnishinaubeg is a long title for a book of only 44 pages!

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    Horticulture Apprenticeship a great way to learn

    Linking learning theories to the Horticulture Apprenticeship may sound dry but it made me realise what a fantastic learning experience it is. On the Apprenticeship the learning is holistic.

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