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    Live Well Growers – Paula’s perspective

    Paula’s been enjoying the wildlife

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: Acker Bilk and the Wooden Cash Register

    Even the wooden cash register has a story to tell.

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  3. Garden blogs

    Apothecary Anecdotes: Carmarthen, Enrico Caruso, and a modern Welsh singer

    A packet of cough lozenges leads Bob to discover a link between the Great Caruso and a pharmacy in Carmarthen.

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    Hello.  We are the Live Well Growers. 

    The National Botanic Garden of Wales supports a range of green health projects that you might not know about. The Live Well Growers is a great example.

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: Some Soap and a Castle in Wales

    Bob’s third anecdote links Pears soap to a Welsh icon

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: MIST.ADT. and a pharmacist called Morton

    An hilarious revelation of the meaning of a bottle label

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