Regency Restoration

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    Beating the Bounds

    An important part of the restoration of our Grade 2 listed Historic Park and Gardens is the realignment of field boundaries and reinstatement of long lost features.

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    Our Autumn Regency Ball

    A chance to fall in love and dance the night away; the ball of the Regency era was the pinnacle of high society. We here at the Regency Restoration Project believed that hosting a Regency style ball in our very own Regency building, Principality House would be a brilliant experience for our visitors, and we’re […]

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    Fire and Brimstones

    Whilst awaiting the installation of the bridge on Llyn Mawr, I was lucky enough to spot a bright yellow – male brimstone butterfly skipping between the knapweed. Brimstones, whilst not threatened, are a somewhat elusive species, rarely sighted in the Garden and usually in spring. Like many species, they are closely linked to their food […]

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    Regency Hard Hat Tour Online

    An online tour for all those who are unable to see the work behind the scenes, or who have been unable to make it along to a hard hat tour. Enjoy!   Paxton’s Middleton Hall Beginning at the footprint we are able to explore Paxton’s Middleton Hall, with all the key features of its day, […]

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    Victory and Disaster: Paxton aged 12 aboard HMS Thunderer

      We are familiar with the stories of Sir William Paxton’s later life – especially his time on the Middleton Estate and his creation of one of the most renowned Regency Landscapes of the time…but what about his life as a child? At the age of just 12, Paxton joined the Navy for the first […]

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