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    Conservation Vols Observations – frog spawn, mole hills and recorder forms

    Very large mole hills behind the cherry trees opposite the Japanese Garden, frog spawn in the pools on either side of the bridge over the Bog Garden,

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    Conservation Volunteers’ observations – birds, moths and fungi

    Up into Pont Felin Gat and beyond the top bridge, a dunnock, great, blue and coal tits and – best of all – a marsh tit not more than a dozen feet away, so we got a good view of it

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    Winter Bee Update

    We are fortunate within the Botanic Garden that due to the ongoing success of our beekeeping activities, we have been able to develop two apiary sites.

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    Conservation Volunteers Observations

    We spotted a single goldcrest foraging on the ivy of one of the trees in the wooded border on the left of the lane as we approached the fence into North Lodge wood

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    Live Well Growers – the reflections of Jo

    A really big thankyou to Luminate who invited the Live Well Growers to Luminate

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    Moth Recording 2022 – Conservation Volunteers

    For the past nine years a small group of volunteers from within the Conservation Group, working as a team identify and record moth species found at the Garden

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