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    Live Well Growers – Darren Signs the Way

    I had an idea to make a sign as a way of giving back to all the people who use the garden to help them rehabilitate like I have.

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    Pollinator Party at Brynberian Community Hall

    In June, Brynberian Community Centre hosted a ‘Pollinator Party’ event for the first time, to celebrate pollinators and plants with people from all walks of life, through promoting our Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme growers and the Botanic Garden. Dr Abigail Lowe and Dr Laura Jones went along to give a talk and promote our vital research.

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    Keyhole gardens in the Growing The Future garden

    If you visit the Growing The future (GTF) garden, between the two walls of the double walled garden, you will find our keyhole beds.

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    Live Well Growers – Kevin’s Blog

    It’s all about the biscuits!

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    Live Well Growers – Andrew’s Blog

    We dig, we plant, we weed . . . new member Andrew shares his experience of the Live Well Growers 

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    The Angelic Host of Live Well Growers

    I know it gets said every time someone writes or talks about the Live Well Growers,  but it truly is a special place where mutual support is given and received from people who understand brain injury because they have experienced brain injury.

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