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Doggy Day Rules


Below is the list of rules for the designated days when dogs can come to the National Botanic Garden and bring their owners with them:

  • Please keep your owner on a non-extendable lead while you are in the Garden
  • Please try not to walk on the flower beds as some of our plants are quite rare
  • Please make sure that your owner cleans up after you and takes it home
  • Please try not to let your owner wander off on their own without you
  • Please try not to get too excited while in the Garden. The Garden staff will ask you to take your owner home if this happens!
  • Please don’t let your owner take you into the Children’s Play area, the Butterfly House or the Birds of Prey Centre
  • However, you can take them into our Restaurant and Shop if they want to have something to eat or buy something special for you to take home
  • Please do not go in the Great Glasshouse with your owner.
  • If you have a special job to do as an Assistance Dog, you can bring your owner every day of the year
  • But please ask your owner not to take you on one of our Visitor Buggies
  • And finally, if you are ‘on heat’ please don’t come into the Garden today

Many thanks

The Visitor Services Team (and their dogs)