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    Fascination of Plants Day 4: Irish Saxifrage

    There’s a great story behind how this beautiful rare wildflower found its way to our Conserving Welsh Plants displayer

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    Waiting on a swift return

    They make the most joyful noise and their arrival heralds the warmer days of summer. But where are the swifts?

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    Not such a bad day for voles

    During the summer whilst working in the Growing the Future Garden I have been charmed with the company of field voles.

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    Bad Day for Field Voles

    Last week, Keith Crowden, one of the Garden’s wildlife volunteers came face to face with the barn owl

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    Growing peat free

    Every year amateur gardeners use millions of wheelbarrows worth of peat. I can remember peat free compost being available back in the 1990’s. In 2017 we don’t seem to have progressed much.

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    Drawing Inspiration

    We think these drawings will be really popular with visitors, especially as each drawing will be accompanied by entertaining anecdotes

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