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    Trawscoed Meadow

    This meadow is conveniently near to the Stable block and the visitors car park and both it and its surroundings offer a a range different habitats.  So it is likely to become the focus for research on a wide variety of subjects in the coming years. This Tuesday, apart from one brief shower, turned out […]

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    New Fungus

    The previous weekend one of the tour guide leaders for our Wales Fungus Day, David Mitchel, returned here to record more fungi here at the Garden. One of these which he found in the Great Glasshouse,  Melanophyllum haematospermum, was apparently new to him and as he was Northern Ireland’s main fungus recorder, then it had […]

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    Despite the weather not being up to our usual standard the light rain eased enough for us to venture out to Spring Woods where the Garden collection of Snowdrops are located.  Originally these were all labelled, but over the years these have mostly disappeared and of those remaining many were illegible.  The rumour is that […]

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    Bird and Moths

    3rd Dec 2013 A grey, dry, still December day and most trees now leafless. Following on from discussions as to what we should do next year, and how, it was decided to try out a bird walk within the confines of the Garden covering a variety of habitats. And this week we were very pleased […]

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    Jelly Baby Fungus

    The Autumn colours of the leaves are really beginning to show up now.  First the yellows then, a few days later the reds of the oaks and beeches.  But there is still a noticeable variation, some trees remaining quite green whilst others of the same species nearby have completely lost them. This week we head […]

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    Still Autumn

    Tuesday Nov 5th and the weather is still dry, mild and frost-free.  So the Autumn colours are still muted and despite the recent winds many trees still have most of their leaves – the best is yet to come. We set out towards John’s footprint tunnel behind the bee corner.  Not a lot to report […]

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