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    The Chester Connection

    The first Middleton to live on the estate was Henry Middleton, but our story begins with Henry’s grandfather John Middleton, an ironmonger from Chester.

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    Flower Face – Blodeuwedd

    Flowers are the symbol of Blodeuwedd; they demonstrate their beauty when they blossom and their resilience when they flower again in the springtime.

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    Watch Taboo and find out more about the East India Company which was so important to the lives and landscape of Middleton Hall

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    Tomb raiders?

    What survives of the “vault” marked in the Middleton Hall parkland on the 1847 tithe map? Is it the last resting place of Edward Adams?

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    Aerial photography videos

    Watch videos of Toby and the flight over the Garden

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    Flying High

    Aerial photography of the historic parkland

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