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    Sir William Vaughan : The Colonisation of Newfoundland

    Further consideration of Sir William Vaughan, neighbour and contemporary of Henry Middleton of Middleton Hall, and his exploits in Newfoundland

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    The disappearance of the old mansion

    The Middleton Estate passed from the Middleton Family into the Gwyn Family, the old Middleton Hall mansion was abandoned, and William Paxton conceived his vision of a new Middleton Hall on a new site, with landscaped gardens and lakes…..

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    Project management or juggling?

    Helen John, manager of the Regency Restoration Project, explains how the project has been a challenging balancing act.

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    The Heart of Wales Line

    Jamie Owen’s Heart of Wales Line programmes starting the 6th August will include an interview with Helen John, Regency Restoration Project Manager

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    Sir William Vaughan : His Life 1575 – 1641

    William Vaughan, a neighbour and relative of Henry Middleton by marriage, was a truly a remarkable man.

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    A Project Manager’s view of the Restoration Project

    Helen John, Regency Restoration Project Manager, shares some of her first experiences with the project

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