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    Spring Equinox – March 20th

    The spring has finally arrived!

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    Hanoi to Cross Hands: Early days at NBGW

    I have been enjoying my first month at the Garden and a new adventure here in Wales.

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  3. Garden blogs

    Flower Face – Blodeuwedd

    Flowers are the symbol of Blodeuwedd; they demonstrate their beauty when they blossom and their resilience when they flower again in the springtime.

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  4. Garden blogs

    February Report: Change Afoot

    Find out what our horticultural apprentice Carly has been up to

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    In Praise of Potatoes

    Horticulturist Blue Barnes-Thomas is potato plotting

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    The Great Glasshouse in Winter

    Maybe it’s the mild winters we’ve been having, but I’ve noticed that many of our Great Glasshouse plants are flowering a week or two earlier than they used to.

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