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    The Garden’s Apprentice Scheme Bears Fruit

    Meet the Garden’s horticultural apprentices

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    Bringing keyhole gardening to Swansea and Cameroon

    Sustainable horticultural practices are bearing fruit in Swansea and Cameroon

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    Loving Lichens – A simplified introduction

    Lichens – those strangely coloured crusty\hairy\mushy organisms on trees or rocks. What are they and what are they for? I want to know, but where do I begin? This is a path I’ve started on many times over the years, perhaps getting as far as Wikipedia or even pulling out one of my old ID […]

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    Paxton’s Tower – ‘The Tower of Spite’?

    A tribute to a great man rather than a gesture to an ungrateful electorate? More of Sir William Paxton’s story.

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    William Paxton in Tenby

    Paxton’s influence on the town of Tenby resulted in it becoming a fashionable and thriving tourist resort.

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    Philip Lloyd – the forgotten owner of Middleton Hall

    After the Middleton family there were the Gwyns, but who was the owner of Middleton Hall directly before William Paxton? Hannah Jones, volunteer history researcher, finds out about Phillip Lloyd, land agent and wheeler dealer

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