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    Keyhole garden links Wales with Cameroon

    Day course at the Garden leads to keyhole garden project in Cameroon

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    The “Cold Blow Inn” mystery

    Sir William Paxton and Cold Blow, Pembrokeshire in the early 19th century

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    The Chester Connection – part 2

    The second part of the Chester connection, looking at Henry Middleton’s aunts.

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    No rose goblets here

    Pruning out dead, diseased and damage material is always a must with any pruning, but a rose doesn’t have to be a goblet. The framework of roses are prompting many questions from visitors.

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    Garden textile artist handcrafts national award

    Has an artwork like this been created before?

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    The Chester Connection

    The first Middleton to live on the estate was Henry Middleton, but our story begins with Henry’s grandfather John Middleton, an ironmonger from Chester.

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