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    Hedgehog footprint

    The original intention had been to look for early signs of Autumn and to monitor the ‘harvest’ and how it might be affecting wildlife.  But the weather has been so mild that few trees gave any sign of relinquishing their leaves. And today was a gloriously bright, sunny and eventually quite warm day.  So rather […]

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    Ants – and glowworms?

    Another Tuesday and, although there were a few showers to start with, by the end of the walk it was really quite warm. As a result of the recent sightings of a GreenWoodpecker it had been decide that it would be a good idea to search for it, and also for its food source – […]

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    Spring Woods Fungi

    We are so used to dry weather on a Tuesday morning that it was a bit of a surprise when, as some of us met up in the car park, it started to rain and turned into quite a heavy shower.  But by the time we had finished our usual pre-walk natter it had eased […]

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    The Candyfloss Fungus

    As a result of a brilliant talk the previous Friday on Hedgehogs by Dawn from the Gower Bird Hospital we had 4 new volunteers joining us on a gloriously warm, but extremely humid late September day.  A big welcome to Anne, Barry, Joan and Hazel. So taking advantage of the weather the twelve of us […]

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    What are these Fungi?

    This week something a little different.  There was a walk in Pont Felin Gat and John took lots of photos of Fungi.  Trouble is we don’t know the names of most of them.  So can you help? [nggallery id=437] If you find an injured bird, hedgehog or other wild animal and want help and advice […]

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    Curator’s Blog October 2013

    Well it has been a fantastic summer an excellent growing year and a year where we have been able to get stuck in to all manner of tasks in the garden. Now it is raining the leaves are turning colour and the days are rapidly shortening; with the shorter days a flurry of short day […]

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