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    Curator’s Blog: Late June 2013

    Ragged-Robin and Caesar’s Brother natural bedfellows? In a most agreeable period of warm and sunny weather the Garden’s meadows have burgeoned and one can’t help but be uplifted by the sight of so many of our wildflowers coming in to bloom. The interface between wildflowers and exotics can be seen in a magnificent display that […]

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    Pollinating Insects, Orchid Counting and Bats

    This week we were pleased to welcome students, Lee, Chris, Shania and Sian from Swansea Metropolitan University, a new Garden Volunteer, Hannah Jones, and a student from Aberyswyth University, Simon Jones.  The previous Friday Howard, Michael and Simon had started on the Butterfly Orchid count.  But they had found so many that they had run out […]

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    Alfred Russel Wallace was the first Indiana Jones

    He is famous funnyman Bill Bailey’s favourite scientist and he is credited with inspiring in the young David Attenborough his love of nature but Alfred Russel Wallace is largely unknown. Doing their level best to shed light on the life and works of one of the 19th century’s most remarkable intellectuals, are Neath-based theatre company […]

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    Moths, Meadows and Orchids

    Before setting out on a what turned out to be a damp and drizzly day, we gathered in the staff room to examine the moths which Marigold had trapped the previous night in the meadow behind the visitors car park and along by the Welsh Country Walk.  A moth trap basically consists of a box […]

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    Volunteer Blog – What a Place to Work

    I can’t believe that the last blog I wrote was on 3 April, what happened to May?  I suppose there was Easter and two other bank holidays and we were away on holiday for a couple of weeks so I guess May just slipped away from me.  For the last couple of weeks volunteering, we […]

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    Woods of the World

    The Garden covers a vast area and our Tuesday morning meanders can only cover small parts of it at any one time. On November 25th last year, as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Garden took part in the Transglobal tree planting, the scheme to plant 6 million trees.  In this Diamond wood, up […]

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