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    Signs of Spring – at last!

    This week we were faced with a howling gale – well, it was very windy – but at least 10 degrees warmer than all of our previous walks, and still dry.  Although Jan and Keith were not able to join us, we were very glad to welcome Marigold Oakley.  As well as being a Garden volunteer […]

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    Hunting for Hares

    The combination of the continued low temperatures – the first week in April was colder than March – and dry weather has meant that most plants have remained in a state of suspended animation and the grasses have become increasingly brown. So we had few expectations as to what we might find on our weekly walk. But four years ago […]

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    Volunteers Blog – April 2013

    A Good Place To Go Our visits to the National Botanic Garden of Wales are usually in the form volunteering and can be busy with no time for just wandering about.  So we decided to go as visitors on Easter Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day and some of our family were visiting so […]

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    The Hungry Gap

    For birds the most difficult time is usually around February and March each year when both seeds and insects are at their scarcest, hence the term, ‘the hungry gap’.  But this year,after a cold winter and with temperatures for the past fortnight being close to zero, and quite a bit below when you add in the […]

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    Curator’s Blog – April 2013

    Well Easter has come and gone and the clocks have changed, all we need now is for the temperatures to climb,  such a slow start to spring. This however has been a bit of a blessing as it has enabled us to get on with a lot of ground work and mulching prior to the […]

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    Courting Kites

    Another bitterly cold Tuesday but yet again dry!  Although John had a cold and couldn’t come, we were very glad to welcome Howard Mead.  And thanks also to Sue Davies, Marigold Oakley, Liz Taylor and Dr. Michael Isaac who have expressed their interest.  Once Spring does finally decide to arrive we will need all the […]

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