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    Ukuleles, Apothecary Hall and a Ghost

    We get some interesting donations to our Apothecary Hall

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    Otter surprise

    Garden visitor Ross Gardner recounts his chance encounter with an otter

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    Exciting time for fungi

    I’m running a couple of fungi walks around the Botanic Garden for our first Science, Nature and Comedy Festival on the weekend of 16/17 Sept 1-2pm. A great excuse to go out looking for new fruiting bodies.

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    The Backbone of Plas Pilipala: Our Amazing Volunteers

    Plas Pilipala has been hugely popular during it’s first year – but it’s anniversary cannot go by without thanking those who keep it going every day!

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    The Heat is On for Wildflower Day

    I’ve been a little worried that this wonderful hot weather will make our orchids go over earlier than I hoped. It’s been another phenomenal year for orchids on our Waun Las hay meadows. There have been thousands of orchids – greater butterfly, southern marsh, common spotted and heath spotted. I’ve been running Wales Wildflower Day here […]

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    A Gathering of Pollinating Artists

    A fascinating exhibition about pollinators is coming to the Garden this summer

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