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Curator’s Blog – mid-April 2013


Well slowly but surely  things are warming up, buds are finally swelling and in the space of a few days a new found greenness is becoming apparent. Bare looking beds are starting to show signs of life and herbaceous perennials awaken from slumber.

Last year we started identifying plants from our borders and beds that are very much the essence of the garden display with a view to propagating for plant sale; with much of the autumn and winter work enabling us to lift and divide herbaceous material, a burgeoning of stock ready for sale is underway.

With sustainability and localism very much an agenda item these days it seems obvious that producing our own plants for sale is a positive step in the right direction, the bonus being that we can honestly say that the plants are from the Garden. It is highly unlikely that we could ever become self sufficient in producing plants for sale as we would neither have the range of material or the resources to produce  everything that we may wish our plant sales to offer. Another consideration is that where commercial nurseries operate with economy of scale it does cost us more to produce our own plants in relatively small numbers.

So  with all this in mind we are about to offer a range of our own plants as well as selling plants that have been obtained from other nurseries. Whilst our own plants represent a small range we can guarantee a very high quality product that is environmentally as ethical as it can be and certainly local. They will of course be totally suitable for Welsh gardens  as witnessed by the fact that they have all done well for us. So come and visit and take home a piece of us.

Simon Goodenough

Garden Curator

16th April 2013

photo is courtesy of Mike Walters Photography