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Discover the Heritage Discovery Space


The Discovery Space has been transformed!

Come and find out more about the Regency Restoration Project! Enter our discovery space and discover how the project is progressing and learn about the new findings we have uncovered.

Why did Paxton commission one of the finest Picturesque Regency Waterparks of the 18th century?

Why does an estate in Carmarthenshire owe its existence to the East India Company?

Why is there a bathhouse, a grotto, a spring and boathouse hidden in the picturesque landscape?

Find out more about the talented landscape architect, genius engineer and the mastermind architect responsible for New Middleton Hall and the Regency Waterpark.

Discover the wonders of Middleton Hall and the surrounding Regency landscape

The new exhibition begins by introducing you to Sir William Paxton and takes you on a tour of his New Middleton Hall, the people involved, and the delights within.  Then you go on to learn about all of the fabulous wildlife within our landscape, and the progress our project has made in restoring the landscape to how it was 200 years ago. Come and learn about how we found the original Middleton Hall and our excavations of the site.

What activities did ladies and gentlemen of the Regency Period partake in within the landscape?

What wildlife, trees and plants lay waiting to be discovered?

Come and find out!