What is an arboretum?

It’s a living collection of trees and shrubs – what horticulturists call woody plants.

Why is it important?

There are very obvious educational and inspirational reasons – we want to our visitors to get to know, appreciate and love trees from across the world.

But this is our long-term commitment to the future well-being of the world.

We’re growing trees and shrubs from wild collected seed. If any of these tree species become extinct or unsustainable in their natural wild spaces, seeds and cuttings from arboreta like this can be used to rebuild the natural populations. Think of it as slow conservation – using our horticultural and scientific expertise to safeguard tree species for future generations.

This Arboretum is still young and is a work in progress – most trees were planted after this Botanic Garden opened in 2000. Within a shelter belt of native Welsh trees, you’ll find sections dedicated to regions that we’re prioritising first – China, North America and South America.

Now that the Arboretum is maturing, we’ve created paths, signs and seating to make your visit both enjoyable and interesting. Come and have a look.

We have created a trail for you to follow of some of the most important trees of the Arboretum.