The Garden is looking to the future in many ways – perhaps our most ambitious project is the Arboretum.

Across the planet, there are woodlands that grow in the same climate as that found in Wales – in Tasmania, south west China and the Himalayas, parts of Chile and the northern seaboards of the USA. We want to re-create these semi-natural woodlands on the hillside overlooking Llyn Uchaf. Planting has begun on trees and shrubs, and eventually ground flora from these regions will be added.

All the plants from the dominant tree species down through the shrub layer to the herbaceous plants that would be normally found in association with each other in these countries will be brought together and grown in as naturalistic a manner as possible.

But we don’t expect the area to mature for a generation. In the meantime, every time you visit have a little look to see how quickly, or slowly, it is maturing.

You’ll also see Welsh native trees planted alongside Woods of the World. These form part of our Jubilee Woods, planted in 2013 in honour of  Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

We have created a trail for you to follow of some of the most important trees of the Arboretum.