Gardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol CymruNational Botanic Garden of WalesNational Botanic Garden of Wales


The 220m long avenue which divides the Garden is known as the Broadwalk

One of the longest herbaceous borders in Britain, from spring to winter, this Garden ‘spine’ is a blaze of colour.

It begins at the Gatehouse, passes a water sculpture called Scaladaqua Tonda, then Circle of Decision, a fountain shaped like the cross section of an ammonite, and leads up to a beautiful pond that we call the Mirror Pool.  This feeds water down into The Rill, a meandering stream that flows down the Broadwalk with a shape and course that is inspired Carmarthenshire’s Towy Valley river.

Along the east side of the Broadwalk you will also come across the Rock of Ages, a geological display spanning 300 million years of Welsh history.