Conserving Our Future Zone

Conserving Our Future Zone demonstrates the Garden’s commitment to a sustainable future

Here you can see several displays where we show how we are reducing the level of natural resources we use and how we are helping to conserve biodiversity in Wales.

  • Conserving Welsh Plants – displays of plants from four Welsh national nature reserves
  • Welsh Whitebeams – a collection of rare and endangered varieties of trees from the Sorbus family
  • Living Machine – a pond where we recycle waste water
  • Biomass Boiler – an oven that burns wood to heat up our buildings
  • Canolfan Tyfu – classrooms where you can learn how to grow fruit and veg

Although not accessible to visitors, we also have a field behind the displays where we generate electricity from solar panels, and in an adjacent field, we create charcoal from wood provided by trees we manage on site.