Fairy Wood

This magical wood is home to both natural and human-made wonders.

Mature beech and hornbeam trees tower over a carpet of woodland flowers such as bluebell and wood anemone in the spring. In autumn, a stunning range of fungi dot both the ground and piles of rotting wood, from chilli-hot tasting milkcaps Lactarius spp. to bizarre bird’s nest fungi Cyathus striatus, to colourful brittle gills Russula spp. and spiny gilled hedgehog Hydnum repandum mushrooms.

During a fungi guided walk here many moons ago, the conversation turned to fairy rings and Welsh myths. A little later, as if by magic, the first fairy houses appeared (thank you Les). Today, we now have a fairy village and younger visitors are encouraged to leave a message in the fairy post box, maybe telling the fairies what they love about this wonderful wood.