Ghost Forest

This display of tropical tree roots is one of the most significant environmental art installations to come to Wales

The Ghost Forest has come from the tropical rainforests of Ghana – that’s about 3000 miles south of here. The oldest tree root is 300 years old, the heaviest weighs 19 tonnes.

What are they doing here?

They’re the inspiration of UK based artist Angela Palmer. She was horrified to learn that a tropical forest the size of a rugby pitch is destroyed every four seconds. Just think how much is lost every minute, every hour………every year.
Apart from the huge loss of species, rainforest loss is contributing to climate change.

So what did Angela Palmer do?

She made world ambassadors out of these tree roots. She chose Ghana as it now sustainably manages its rainforests. She brought the tree roots to Trafalgar Square, to the Earth Summit in Copenhagen, to Oxford University and now here, their final resting place.

We invite you to touch, smell, hug or draw them or whatever inspires you to get to know these environmental ambassadors.