Pont Felin Gât


This route is closed as the restoration project is underway. Please click here for more information


Pont Felin Gât is a beautiful wooded valley

It offers visitors a chance to see a spectacular springtime display of ancient woodland flowers such as bluebells, lesser celandines, wood anemones and golden saxifrage.

While you’re at Pont Felin Gât look out too for the breeding pied flycatchers and badgers, whilst in autumn the woodland floor comes alive with fruiting bodies of fungi, some recorded nowhere else in Wales.

The tree canopy of oak and ash, and the non-native beech and hornbeam suggests an interesting past.

We know that 200 years ago, Pont Felin Gât looked very different. It then formed a vital part of the Middleton Hall Regency Park. It was less wooded and was dominated by water. There were large lakes, streams, cascades, a bathhouse, plunge pool and bridges. You can see remnants of these today including a thundering waterfall which is still flowing sublimely 200 years after it was first made.

How do you get there?

Part of Waun Las NNR, Pont Felin Gât is just ten minutes’ walk from the Garden’s Stable Block. A one hour round walk will take you through the wood and across beautiful farmland with stunning views of the Great Glasshouse. Pick up a leaflet at the Gatehouse or at one of the two entrances to Waun Las NNR, or just follow the orange-topped marker posts.