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Fungi Exhibition: From Another Kingdom

From Another Kingdom is the first major exhibition in the UK to focus on the fascinating world of fungi

This interactive exhibition reveals the intimate details of fungi in a way they have never been shown before, challenging misconceptions and showing how they are vital to the survival of life on earth.

The touring exhibition, from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh,  is in the display area of the Great Glasshouse. This has been transformed into a labyrinth of themed spaces where visitors will come face-to-face with fungal diversity, myths and magic and the role that fungi play in eco-systems and recycling.

Highlights include a forest of super-sized toadstools, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms and a version of Russian roulette involving deadly poisonous fungi.

A new addition, created in 2015, is a hand-stitched display of over 50 Welsh fungi, created by the Garden’s Stitching B group.