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Ghostly Happenings on Middleton Estate


Hello everyone! My name is Amelia, I am 221 years old and I am well, rather dead I’m afraid.  I am the imaginary friend of Eliza Paxton, William Paxton’s eldest daughter. Eliza and I used to have so much fun together and with the rest of her brothers and sisters. One of my favourite pastimes was sailing on the boat on Llyn Mawr Lake. One time the boat capsized and I’m afraid I drowned….

Have you been down to the lake? Isn’t it magnificent? The Regency Restoration Team is doing such a good job at restoring the landscape that was my garden! Anyway, I digress…

It is my job now to tell you the stories of all the ghostly happenings here on Middleton Estate. I’ve seen them all! From the White Lady crossing the fields to the headless man on horseback! From the moving pictures to the playful ghost who live in the Stable Block! And of course, all the families that lived on the estate after William Paxton – the Abadams and all the farmers and their families, well, it was a very busy time ghost wise…

One of the stories which gives me the shivers is that of Edward Adams….you see, one of his grandchildren had died in India and he insisted on having the body brought back to the estate for burial in well, I think this was sometime in the 1830s. The little body however had already started to decompose and when they opened the coffin on arrival in Llarnarthne, Adam’s insisted that it wasn’t that of his grandchildren and instructed the servants to throw the coffin and the body in Llyn Mawr Lake! Sometimes when I am walking along the lake I can hear a baby crying…..

One of the saddest stories, though one of my favourites is one I heard from almost every family who once lived on the estate when the estate was a farming community. My favourite version is that of Hywel Ree’s Uncle Ifor. He had gone out to check on the animals as the snow was quite heavy one December night and as he was walking (along the path where the bull sculpture is now) he saw a soldier in full World War I uniform – but this was in the 1950s and 1960s! The soldier asked him if he knew where his family lived and before Uncle Ifor could answer, the soldier had disappeared. And when Uncle Ifor had looked at the snow, there was only one set of footprints – his own!

Oh my dear, I could talk forever! So many stories to tell! Why don’t you come along to the Garden and discover them for yourself?

We have lots on display at our Middleton Memories Exhibition at Y Oriel Gallery from Gallery from 30th November to 29th January 2019.

And you may even see me around the place as well. Do say hello if you see me and I’ll be back next year sometime and I’ll take you around the Garden and tell you more Ghostly Stories….until, then, enjoy the stories!