Post 16

Every year we welcome students from a variety of post 16 education facilities and universities. We offer customised tours and programmes to meet your needs on topics including:

  • Applied Botanical Science
  • Horticulture
  • Sustainable Development and Green Technologies
  • Habitat Surveying and Conservation
  • Engineering of the Botanic Garden (including the Great Glasshouse)
  • Travel, Leisure and Tourism
  • Outdoor Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship
  • The Archaeology of Parks and Gardens
  • Conservation of the Historic Environment – Heritage Management
  • Veteran Trees – valuing and managing their history and biodiversity
  • Historic Park and Garden design
  • Sir William Paxton and his Regency Waterpark
  • Middleton Hall’s 17th Century planned landscape and ornamental gardens

You can also visit us as a self led group. You may wish to use the unique setting as a stimulus for art work, photography, creative writing or poetry or to be inspired by our art exhibitions or seasonal trails.


How to book a visit

Please contact Kay in the Education Department to book a visit.