Foundation Phase

All our Foundation Phase programmes aim to instil in our visitors a passion for the natural world and enthusiasm for sustainable living. They are specially designed by us to support and enhance any curriculum. All of our programmes can be adapted to suit the needs of your group.

Foundation Phase Programmes

Tedwen’s Adventure

Find out about what animals need to survive as you help Tedwen find her friends around the Garden while giving you the chance to engage with the outdoor environment.

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

We’ve adapted our Bear Hunt to enable you to experience activities in the outdoor learning environment. You can support Science, looking at habitats, Literacy, having fun with the language in the story or Maths, completing challenges along the way. Just let us know what you would like to focus on.

Sowing and Growing

Learn more about seeds and how a plant starts to grow. You will have the opportunity to look at different types of seeds, to look inside a seed and to plant seeds to nurture back in school.

Seasons at the Garden

Nature has important cycles in each of its four seasons; come and experience them here at the Garden. Activities and games help children enjoy the magic, whatever the weather!

Wet and Wonderful

Experience water in all its glory, a safe and exciting day at the Garden exploring fountains, waterfalls, rills, ponds, lakes and water sculptures. Investigate the properties of water and why it’s needed for life.

Mud Pies, Dens and Wriggly Things

Through story and role play children discover some of the ways in which minibeasts and other animals live and survive in our woodlands. You will make webs and dens, play the camouflage game and make animals using mud as their modelling clay.

Wonderful Woodlands

Introduce your class to the ecology of a Welsh wood through exploring the plant life and meeting creatures that make their home there.

Seasonal Programmes

A Caring, Sharing Christmas

Looking at living things in their environment with a seasonal theme, find out how to help Robin Goch and his friends survive the winter. Available November to December.

Christmas Crafts

Come and make Christmas Decorations out of natural materials and learn about the origins of some of our most popular Christmas traditions. Available November to December

We are happy to offer these programmes whatever the weather but some do work best at certain times of the year. Give us a call for advice on planning your visit.

How to book a Foundation Phase Programme

Please contact Kay in the Education Department to enquire about or book a visit.