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New Young Archaeologists’ Club


I am the leader of YAC at the Garden and I wanted to it to be free for everyone so I raised money by walking the whole 100 miles of The Beacons Way.   I studied Archaeology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and have worked at the Dyfed Archaeological Trust since 2014.

Setting up YAC at the Garden

The atmosphere during the first two sessions of the Young Archaeologists’ Club at the Garden has positively buzzed.

The members at our monthly YAC club are already getting used to looking forward to looking back, and then enjoying themselves in the present!

On two sunny Saturdays I have grinned to myself whilst wandering down to the main entrance because of how far away I could hear the excitement of up to 20 children waiting to come in and learn about my favourite subject: Archaeology.

Archaeology:  The study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of Material Culture.

Material culture:  The physical aspect of a culture – artefacts, architecture, biofacts or ecofacts, and cultural landscapes. Anything that can be used, consumed, created or traded, and the behaviours, norms and rituals these things create or take part in.

What’s incredible is the vast diversity of it all.

There are just so many different, unlikely and amazing things that people have done in the past, and are doing in cultures other than our own.  Many people find that the discovery and experience of these other lives enriches their own, making them healthier, happier, and more tolerant.

There’s nothing I’m more passionate about that kids being healthy and happy and growing up to embrace their world.  I wish there was more archaeology in the National Curriculum as it seems to do people so much good, but it’s not, so we have the YAC instead!

The Garden is a great setting for the club, especially with the Regency Restoration Project going on.

The YAC-ers have already had a look at the dam system of the upper lakes and made their own models, and last week they washed and explored finds from local excavations.

Soon they will be finding out all about Middleton Hall and its families, and learning how to use digging tools to delve into the ground and make their own new discoveries about this exciting landscape.

  • The next meeting of YAC is on Saturday June 3, 10am-to-12noon (and the first Saturday of every month). Email or call 07484 142886 for more info