Huw Francis, Director

Huw Francis


As chief executive, the Director is responsible, under strategic guidance of the Trustee Board, for the overall affairs of the Garden, including setting and leading its direction, activities, and achievements.

Swansea-born Huw Francis lived in Carmarthenshire for five years while working as an international trade advisor for the International Business Wales Division of Welsh Government. For nine years, he was the first Chief Executive of Scotland`s largest community landowner, Stòras Uibhist, located in the Outer Hebrides.

Educated at Olchfa Comprehensive and Cranfield University, Huw is a graduate engineer with business and mentoring qualifications, and professional experience working in operational, development  and consultancy roles.

A strategic manager, Mr Francis has strong commercial skills, financial acumen, and experience of working in the public, private and voluntary sectors. He has previously worked in Hong Kong, Turkey and France, and is also a published author of fiction and non-fiction books.