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    Live Well Growers Return – Paula Reports

    After being forced to stay away due to Covid, the Live Well Growers returned in October

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: Hysteria and a Health Alphabet

    A donated medical self-help book from 1906 now looks very dated, sexist,  and even dangerous.

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: Cyanide treatment, comets, and a mad monk.

    Bob conjures up another fascinating story based on objects in our Apothecary’s Hall.

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    Live Well Growers – Sharing Ideas and Experiences

    The Live Well Growers have been sharing ideas and their personal experiences

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: Agatha Christie

    Bob Edwards has created a display of poisons used in the books of best selling crime author Agatha Christie

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    Apothecary Anecdotes: Mandrake and a whim

    Mandrake has been an important medicinal herb for thousands of years. I suspect that it has been used for possibly every ailment

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