Busy bees give good signs in the spring sunshine

There are plenty of encouraging signs in the hives today.

Hopefully, you can spot the nice, dark queen – marked green – towards the bottom of the frame in one of the photographs.

This image also shows stores at the edges and a nice pattern of brood in the centre, which is a good sign for the start of spring build-up.

Most of the hives checked today were in good order as expected, with just a couple looking weaker than I would like.

So I will be keeping a closer eye on these two, in case they need to have extra help to get them up to speed.

There is lots of bright yellow pollen being taken in. I suspect this is from the celandines.

Some other hives had pale yellow and orange pollen going in, possibly from the willow and crocus.

Pollen is a good indication that the bees are making brood food to rear their young. Plenty of brood of all stages, eggs, larvae and sealed brood, were seen today.

So, all in all, a successful first inspection of the new season.

Lynda Christie