Climate Change Savvy Growing Talk and Book Launch at The National Botanic Garden of Wales

Her free talk and live Q and A session (12 till 1.30pm) will be followed with a book signing for her newly-published The Climate Change Garden book, co-authored with Sally Morgan and published by The Quarto Group.

Kim lives in Ceredigion and has been writing for publications such as The Guardian on climate change and resilient gardening since 2013. She has gardening columns in several magazines, including Grow Your Own and Country Smallholding, and edits The Organic Way for Garden Organic. Kim also contributes regularly to a range of publications, such as Gardeners’ World magazine, Bloom, The Telegraph, The Lancet, and The Daily Express. She runs courses far and wide on resilient growing; from her training gardens near to New Quay, for the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, The RHS, Kate Humble and many more besides.

Kim says: “I’m delighted to be launching my book at the Botanic Garden where there are so many great examples of sustainable, organic growing. I’m afraid we are living through such stressful times with increasing volatile weather extremes, a cost-of-living crisis and many more issues besides. It’s no longer gardening or, indeed, life as usual and in this talk I will share lots of time and money-saving advice that will build resilience in the gardener as much as the actual garden space. With natural solutions to challenges and practical solutions to help shore up the defences. It’s no longer gardening as usual but there is hope and opportunity if we work together within our local communities and with the natural world, we can ride out this storm together.”

More about Kim Stoddart

Kim is an award-winning journalist. She won the prestigious environmental journalist of the year award in 2022 from The Garden Media Guild. She was also a finalist for gardening journalist of the year in 2022. As well as writing for a range of national publications and teaching across the UK, Kim is passionate about helping gardeners in Wales to build resilience and she runs a lot of on-the-ground courses with local groups, schools, food banks and organisations to help save money and grow food effectively 

About The Climate Change Garden book

Her new book, co-authored with Sally Morgan is a guide to creating a resilient, climate-wise garden. It explains how to cope with volatile weather extremes and other effects of a rapidly changing climate. From heatwaves, droughts, flooding, violent storms . . . to the greater risk of pest and disease as a result of our warming climate, The Climate Change Garden is the first book to offer practical and hopeful solutions. From which types of gardens are better suited to deal with such extremes and which techniques, practices, and equipment can be put to good use in our gardens to help temper the issues.

The Climate Change Garden is about working with the natural world to create a productive, low-maintenance, climate-savvy garden that’s capable of standing strong against the effects of a rapidly changing climate. 

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