Yr Ardd Magazine – Autumn 2017


An even warmer welcome using greener energy

With a very busy summer behind us, we are now looking forward to the autumn and winter programme of events.

The ever-changing variety of activities is bringing increasing numbers of people to the Garden, many of whom are making their first visit.  A comedy festival, daily flying displays by birds of prey, abseiling down the wall of the Science block – new attractions have certainly prompted many of those additional visits.  Yet whatever brings in the visitors, it is surely the stunning vistas of the Garden, and the hard work that goes into creating them, that makes the events and visits so special for the people who come.  We feel sure they’ll be back another time.

Behind the scenes, it’s the investment of core infrastructure that is essential for the long-term future of the Garden.  This year, with support from Welsh Government, we have installed a new climate control system for the Great Glasshouse, Tropical House and the propagation glasshouses.  This will help the horticulture team keep the plant collections in the best condition, as well as being a ‘greener’ use of energy.  Good for our budget and good for the planet.

With the Regency restoration work now started and further plans and funding applications well under way, next year is shaping up to be another exciting and dynamic year for the Garden.

– Huw Francis, Director


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