Project Pollinate

Can you build the best Pollinator Palace this summer?

Imagine a world without chocolate or your favourite fruit.  It’s a scary thought and one that could become real if we don’t help protect nature’s pollinators.

Bees and wasps, butterflies and moths, beetles and hoverflies and even birds and bats all help to pollinate plants, producing many of our tasty foods.  Not only do they help provide us with food they also help our natural environment flourish.

The National Botanic Garden of Wales and the Growing the Future project, along with other members of the Eco Attractions Group, are running an exciting competition this summer at visitor centres across the UK, asking you to make a Pollinator Palace and help protect nature’s pollinators.  If you fancy the challenge, and are 16 and under, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sketch out your Pollinator Palace, also known as a bug house or bee hotel.  You can search the internet, go to or visit your local library for help and ideas.  There’s a helpful blog on our website here.
  2. Collect things to make your Palace, best if they are recycled – you can use empty plastic bottles or tins.  If needed, ask a grown up for help to build it and don’t forget to decorate your Palace brightly to attract pollinators!
  3. Find somewhere in your garden, or a friends, to put your Pollinator Palace.  Take a photo and ask your parent/guardian (as you need to be 13 and over to have an account) to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #projectpollinate2019 and tagging @ecoattractions.  Do this before September 3rd 2019 and you will be automatically entered into the competition.
  4. Our pollination scientists will be selecting 15 top Palaces before school starts for a special prize, such as robotic solar kits, keeper experiences, goody bags and more.  You’ll be told, via Instagram, if you are a winner.

Good luck!

By entering you agree to the terms and conditions in the competition terms and conditions found in the attachment on this page.