Health and well-being

This beautiful landscape provides an ideal space for visitors to the Garden to enjoy the countryside in a tranquil, safe and secure environment. Used as pleasure grounds over hundreds of years by only a small section of society these views and vistas, walks and drives have now been opened up for everyone to enjoy. There are kilometres of paths and marked routes along which you will find a wealth of historic features and structures surviving from the last 400 years with a fabulous array of historic parkland trees as well as native wild flowers, birds and animals.

Landscape conservation

As a nationally important Registered Historic Park and Garden and a National Nature Reserve, the holistic and integrated management of the Middleton Hall parkland is an important part of the National Botanic Garden of Wales’ work. A detailed Conservation Management Plan has been produced which identifies all of the different aspects of the landscape which make it so special and sets out how they need to be looked after to keep it special for future generations to enjoy.

Learning and engagement

An important part of caring for the landscape is ensuring that people understand what is here and the many ways that it can be enjoyed. Whether it is a class of school children, a family or even an expert horticulturalist there are a whole range of activities, events and information that visitors can engage with to explore, find out more or simply better appreciate what we have here at the Garden.