Funding received from the Patsy Wood Trust has allowed us to purchase an Exeter Retort, a highly efficient and environmentally sound mechanism for producing large amounts of charcoal for burning or biochar for soil improvement. As part of the Regency Restoration Project includes the management of vast tracts of woodland within the Middleton estate, this retort will allow us to produce sustainably created charcoal of both burning and artists’ grade quality. It is hoped that connections with local art colleges will be possible through this.

Our plan of woodland management will allow collaboration with local education establishments and will provide many opportunities for accreditation in woodland management and similar landscape conservation.

Veteran tree recording will be a large part of the Restoration Project; considering we still have many of the trees that were planted on the estate in Paxton’s day, there are many very old and special specimens within the estate, especially around the Cwm Felin Gat area.

Due to the nature of the replanting scheme linked to the Restoration Project we will be removing some of the younger trees both along the perimeter of the lakes and those which have grown on the bed of the lakes since the breach of the dams. As such, to mitigate the loss of trees within the Garden the planting of Woods of the World is invaluable in ensuring that our work is covered sustainably.