Biophilic Wales

Biophilic Wales is a three-year, £1 million project, funded by the Enabling Natural Resources and Wellbeing in Wales Grant Scheme (ENRaW)

We will increase the wellbeing of people, wildlife and the environment, throughout Wales, using three interconnected work packages (Inspiring Spaces, Grasslands for Life and Plants for People). We will create volunteer groups that work throughout all aspects of our project and use innovative public engagement, including art and VR, to connect people to their natural heritage. We will improve green infrastructure in the places where people can benefit from it the most.

Inspiring Spaces

Transforming amenity grasslands and under-utilised outdoor areas, into spaces that are full of wildlife, where people can enjoy and be restored by the natural world.

We will deliver community co-developed green infrastructure projects, using 40 sites within the Swansea Bay University Health Board estate as focal points. The sites surround hospitals, health-centres, mental health and residential facilities. We will increase biodiversity value, accessibility, ecosystem services and connectivity. We will create inspirational green spaces for people to connect with nature. The work we do will be used to develop models that can be applied throughout Wales.

Grasslands for Life

Developing resilient grassland ecosystems by revolutionising monitoring and strengthening restoration activities. Connecting people with Wales’ most beautiful landscapes.

We will revolutionise how we monitor grasslands, enabling us to manage, restore and create sites that maximise biodiversity and ecosystem resilience. We will use innovative soil DNA barcoding to determine the entire biosphere of grasslands (including plants, animals, fungi and microbes). Our sites will range from amenity grasslands within the Swansea Bay University Health Board estate, colliery spoil sites to conservation grasslands in NNRs throughout Wales. We will develop cost-effective tools and protocols that can be used by land managers and conservation practitioners.

Plants for People

Celebrating Wales’ natural heritage by protecting our most threatened plants, for the people of Wales.

We will use a scientific evidence-base, in-situ and ex-situ conservation and public engagement to celebrate and protect Wales’ most endangered plants. We will ensure that Wales’ most threatened plants and key grassland species are protected for the future by collecting seed for the National Seed Bank of Wales. We will develop approaches to ensure that Welsh provenance seed of grassland species are available for restoration and creation projects. Community and volunteer groups, within the Health Board and beyond, will help to grow Wales’ threatened plants to create a distributed network for plant conservation.

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