Learning at Home and at School

Here you’ll find a variety of educational activities to do at home or in school.

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Wildflowers of May

In late spring, hedgerows are full of wildflowers and meadows begin to come alive.

Biophilic Wales have created this fab identification guide for wildflowers in May, how many of these species can you find?

The Veg Box

This activity encourages children to use horticultural skills to grow plants using a variety of different recycled containers, to promote imagination and healthy eating.

Wildflowers of April

April is one of the best months for wildflowers, particularly woodland species.

Biophilic Wales have created this fab identification guide, how many of them can you spot?

Blog: Get Started With Wildlife Recording In Your Garden by Abigail Lowe

Gardens are vital habitats for wildlife, providing shelter and refuge. Not many people are aware that the total area of gardens in the UK is greater than the total area of all our National Nature Reserves put together – meaning if we all look after our little patch with care, we can contribute to supporting biodiversity.

Now is a great time to get into wildlife recording, with all the time we are spending at home and the change in the weather!

Wonderful Worms

Worms are amazing creatures!  Learn more about them while enjoying this scientific activity in the outdoors by using equipment found around the house.

More activities coming very soon!