Welsh Organic Wildflowers

Welsh Organic Wildflowers is a small nursery set on a Soil Association certified organic farm. We believe in organic, sustainable and local. We primarily grow plants from seed collected from our own organic hay meadows, woodlands and verges. We aim to minimise any negative environmental impacts by minimising single-use plastics and sending out all our plants in sustainable paper and cardboard packaging.

We believe in organic farming, because this allows nature to flourish alongside crops and animals. Since we started farming organically over 20 years ago, we have seen an astonishing diversity of wildflowers and orchids flourish on our land. This supports a whole ecosystem of pollinators, invertebrates, birds and wildlife alongside sheep and hay harvesting.

We collect most of our seed by hand from plants growing in our own meadows, hedgerows and woodlands. We have grown to cherish the unique diversity of wildflowers found in Monmouthshire over the last 20 years spent living here, and love being able to connect local gardeners with their local wildflower species.

Gardening is an industry full of plastic, and typically plastic pots are not recyclable, so we don’t sell plants in plastic pots. Whilst we haven’t yet eliminated plastic altogether, we re-use all our seed trays and root-trainers several times, and don’t send out anything in plastic pots. Our plug plants are taken out of their plastic root-trainers and sent out in paper bags, so they need to be planted out or potted on straight away. Larger plants are grown in coir pots which can be planted straight in the ground and naturally break down after a few months.

Wherever possible, our paper and cardboard packaging is recycled or comes from sustainably-managed, FSC-certified forests. Our own organic hay is used as a packing material.

Please visit our website to order online for delivery. We are also on Facebook.