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    Bee Team is back in the game in time for the big reopening

    Botanic Garden beekeeper Lynda Christie is boosted by the return of her volunteers and signs of a bumper crop of honey. Sweet!

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    Extra nectar points to happier times in the apiary

    It’s like a jungle out there! Growth spurt means an early start for Botanic Garden beekeeper Lynda Christie

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    Sticky situation needs sorting on the Solstice

    An elusive queen gives Botanic beekeeper Lynda Christie the right royal runaround on the longest day of the year . . .

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    Our Garden Beekeeper – Lynda Christie

    There aren’t many professional beekeepers in Wales but here in the Garden we have one. It’s Lynda Christie and her long-time fascination with honeybees has led her along an unconventional career path.

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    Taking care on a rather blustery day

    Flaming June! Botanic Garden beekeeper Lynda Christie battles with the elements to make her mark

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    Bramble gamble is key to bridging the June gap

    Botanic Garden beekeeper Lynda Christie is praying for rain to boost the nectar flow as swarm season continues

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